Sunday Gatherings

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Sunday Services

We are delighted your spiritual journey has brought you here and we look forward to welcoming you to CSL Metro! Our Sunday services are rewarding, enlightening, and dedicated to empowering you to live your true purpose.

Each Sunday service begins at 10:00 am. We invite you to join us at 9:15 am for meditation led by a member of our Prayer ministry team. We ask you to please silence your cell phone prior to entering the sanctuary.


Centers for Spiritual Living 2021 Global Theme

Timeless Wisdom, Evolutionary Vision


Arlington Arts Center

3550 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington VA 22201

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We observe all CDC pandemic guidelines including requiring masks.

Here, at Center for Spiritual Living Metro, the vibration of love lifts you, the wisdom of the ages inspires you, and the Science of Mind teaching empowers you. We celebrate the Divine Truth of Oneness, honor all traditions and paths, and commit to ever-expanding our awareness of the presence of Spirit by practicing Kindness, Respect, Honesty, Compassion and Equity.

Wherever you are on your life journey, you are welcome at “CSL Metro” – welcome to share your unique Divine individuality with us – welcome to all our activities – welcome to explore new creative, meaningful and fulfilling possibilities for your life.


January Theme: Living Everyday Wonder

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Affirmation: I recognize the extraordinary in the ordinary.

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Book for the Year

Ordinary Wonder by Charlotte Joko Beck

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Book for the Month

What’s in the Way is the Way by Mary O’Malley



January 2nd – “How to Boost Your Immune System” with Rev Trish Hall
Another “spiritual salon” – another opportunity to take a deep dive into a theme, ask questions, challenge answers, and reveal new insights. This week, we’ll delve into “How to Boost Your Immune System” without pills or potions. We’ll be considering the psycho-social and physical benefits of consciousness, cosmology and commitment to regular spiritual practice. Bring your questions! Let’s talk!

January9th – “Set Yourself Free!” with Rev Trish
2021 has drawn to a close. We are at choice … we can start 2022 fresh or we can cling to our stories about past experiences. Which shall it be?Now is an ideal timeto review and assess: what is calling us forward into a greater experience of Life and what has been holding us back. We will be holding our annual “Burning Bowl Ceremony” in person and online. It is the perfectprocessto release any and all lingering, limiting beliefs and behaviors. Set yourself free! Open to Divine Guidance! Allow Spirit to guide you to your next “best yet to be.”

January16th – “Embrace the Now!” with Rev Trish Hall
Everything is taking place in each new, now moment. When we bring the curiosity and wonder of a small child to everything we do, how we look at our world is transformed.Each moment is rich and full. Curiosity is a new, now moment experience.Curiosity is about embracing the now and observing what is. It enables us to be present with what we are experiencing before we think about it, make up stories about it, and get lost in our stories instead of the appreciation of what is.Focused attention invites us to rediscover our natural inquisitiveness.

January 23rd– “Question Everything!”with Jackie LaBarre, RScP
Spiritual living is a way of life that happens every moment of every day. Using spiritual tools and principles in every area of our lives, we find life flows easier, choices are clearer, and seeming miracles are everyday occurrences.

A spiritual tool we can use to remove obstacles to the flow is sacred inquiry. Asking questions, being curious, gaining knowledge, challenging our opinions and our view of the world in which we live brings us into closer contact with the Indwelling Presence.

What questions are you asking? Questions hold possibilities, so why not question everything?

January 30 th – “Prove It!” with Dianne Stewart Hamlin, RScP, ALSP
Scripture says "Prove me now in this sayeth the Lord, and see if I will not open you the windows of heaven, and pour you out a blessing, that there shall not be room enough to receive it." Holy bible, Malachai 3:10.

When we practice spiritual principles and spiritual laws that we are more fully able to experience the presence of the Divine. When we practice, we become more adept at consciously engaging the Laws of life. Practice shifts our consciousness and the energy around us. We become more aware of the Truth and we are more able to experience God in the form of all types of Good.