Money is God in Action

Money is a Spiritual Activity. Prosperity is the Presence of God as ease. It is good. It is wonderful to prosper – to have the ability to do whatever needs to be done at the instant of time that it needs to be done. It is right that we should love money for what it allows us to do – to enjoy it and share it. God goes forth into new expression in all circumstances. We are God’s means to share the abundance. As Dr. Ernest Holmes says in Science of Mind, “It is only when we allow the Divine current to flow through us, in and out, we really express life. The law of giving and receiving is definite.”

Thank you for your ongoing, generous support of our Community so that it can continue to prosper and make a huge difference in the world. Your contributions indeed bless and benefit ever-increasing numbers of people with Love and Light. I am grateful for your conscious participation and support.

In Love, Peace and Gratitude,

Rev Trish Hall

“We should give of ourselves in love and in service to others, in a spirit of generosity and good-fellowship. To refuse to give is to refuse to receive, for everything moves in circles. Real giving is the givingness of the self. A kind word, a thoughtful act, perhaps just a smile, can help lighten the burdens of others.”

~Ideas for Living (1972)~

Ways you can contribute

In Person

Anytime your attend any of our functions, just drop your gift in the collection basket


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By Mail

You can send your contribution to:
CSL Metro 7006 Ted Drive
Falls Church VA 22042