How Practitioners Can Support You

Professional Practitioners, trained and licensed through the Centers for Spiritual Living, provide individual spiritual guidance to “change your thinking, change your life.”  Dedicated to sacred service, they are bound by a high code of ethics and confidentiality.  Their work is grounded in the principles of Science of Mind.  They use Spiritual Mind Treatment/ Affirmative Prayer and spiritual coaching to enhance the lives of their clients.

To become licensed, an individual must complete a series of prerequisite courses before applying for the Professional Practitioner Training.  The two-year program includes the art, science and skill of Spiritual Mind Treatment/ Affirmative Prayer, personal development and training in professional coaching.  For more information, ask one of our Professional Practitioners.

Libby Hecker

Libby Hecker, RScP

phone 703-401-3645

Libby, one of our devoted founders, is serving her second term as Treasurer. She first came to Religious Science in 1986 at the First Church of Religious Science in San Francisco and licensed as a Professional Practitioner in 2009.

Libby graduated from George Washington University with a BA in Economics. It is her greatest joy to be a Practitioner facilitating positive change for the people she serves. She loves her three part-Maine Coon cats and her hobbies, including photography, traveling, cooking and knitting.

Jackie LaBarre

Jackie LaBarre, RScP

phone 562-972-7287

Jackie LaBarre is a Licensed Spiritual Practitioner, life coach and spiritual teacher with a lifelong passion for helping others see the best in themselves to transform their lives. Using spiritual practices like meditation, affirmative prayer, visioning as well as teaching, Jackie guides her clients to consciously use spiritual principles to live the life of their dreams.

Sandra Minnesang

Sandra Minnesang

phone 302-322-6984

Sandy, an outreach practitioner who lives in Delaware and summers in Maine with her partner, Ruth, has been a licensed practitioner since 2004. She began her SOM studies while serving as an educator in Southern California, where she earned a BA in English and an MA in Education and did graduate work in psychology.

Sandy was a very active supporter of the only CSL Center in Delaware beginning when she moved there in 2000 until it closed in 2016.

In addition to her service as a practitioner, Sandy serves as the Leadership Council Secretary, and in her spare time enjoys traveling, reading, writing, attending live performances, being in Nature, and spending time with family and friends.

Gail Renwick

Gail Renwick, RScP

phone 571-235-8689

Gail Renwick is passionate about being a Licensed Professional Practitioner and serving Spiritual Living (CSL) Metro. As an avid student of Science of Mind, she lives the Science of Mind concept: “Change your thinking, change your life.” She delights in witnessing the many remarkable changes in her own life and the lives of her clients.

As part of the ecclesiastic arm of CSL Metro, my daily spiritual practice is paramount, and it is my duty as practitioner to be always ready, willing, and fortified in the truth.


Andrea “Bunny” Roberts, RScP

phone 510-260-5478

Andrea Ford Roberts ( Bunny ), first came to Religious Science in 1986 at the First Church of Religious Science in Oakland where she became a Licensed Professional Practitioner in 2005. In 2011, she moved to Virginia and joined Celebration Center for Spiritual Living, Virginia. She returned to Oakland Center for Spiritual Living in 2013. Upon her return to the Washington, DC, Metro Area in 2018, she joined Center for Spiritual Living-Metro.

Andrea graduated from Colgate University with a BA in Political Science. In 1975 she graduated from Boston College Law School and passed the Bar. Her passion for labor and employment law emerged during law school. Now that she is retired, her boundless energy is focused on being a grandma and a Practitioner. Her hobbies are travel and collecting antiques.

Patricia Stocks

Patricia Stocks, RScP

phone 202-547-7104

Carol Haave

Carol Haave, RScP Emeritus

Carol has been a Practitioner for more than 20 years. She is a business owner, the Founder of and a former senior Government official who has traveled the world extensively.