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Are you living an inspired life? Are you feeling less than fulfilled? Would you like to hang out with others who are opening to greater possibilities? We believe that each and every one of us is an essential thread in a grand tapestry of life We are here to support you in living richly – fully-expressing your Divine individuality. At Center for Spiritual Living Metro, we are inclusive, honoring all spiritual paths and celebrating the uniqueness of each individual. Wherever you are on your life journey, you are welcome at CSL Metro.

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We are grieving lives that ought not to have been lost. George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery, are the most recent in a list of countless unarmed African-American and Black people who have been murdered for the color of their skin over the past 400 years in the US. Too many generations have suffered and it has never been, and is not now, acceptable.

We denounce racism in all its forms: the starkness of unapologetic, intentional racism; the racism of silence in the face of injustice; the systemic racism inherent in our education, justice, income and opportunity inequity; and the racism that lies hidden in our individual hearts and minds.

We envision a world where personal responsibility joins with social conscience in every area of the political, corporate, academic, and social sectors. We value a community-wide climate of safety that arises from compassion, justice, mutual respect, and kindness. Therefore, we join our founder, Dr. Ernest Holmes, who, echoing the words of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., said “You and I should form the habit of taking definite time each day to contemplate and affirm peace with justice-for there is no peace possible without justice. But faith without works is dead. We should not only pray, we should act, each contributing the best [they have] to the common purpose, each willing to make any sacrifice necessary…[for] there can be no individual self-preservation without the preservation of all . . .”*

We call upon ourselves and the faith communities in the US to take action that shows we have heard the cry of suffering, and we own our responsibility for it. Whether that action is prayer, donations to organizations that promote racial justice, rigorous self-education, or active engagement, let not this moment in history pass unattended. May the actions we take be steeped in peace and respect for the sacredness of each life, knowing that whatever we do, individually and collectively, must be Divinely directed from a higher consciousness. When we apply our proven spiritual principles through rigorous practices and compassionate action, the desired results cannot fail to demonstrate.

by Dr Edward Viljoen, Spiritual leader of Centers for Spiritual Living and the Spiritually Motivated Social Engagement Committee

* Quote from Ernest Holmes’ Spiritual Armament, found in The Essential Ernest Holmes edited by Jesse Jennings


  • Affirmative Prayer

    Dear Ones …“We do not create in the sense that we make something out of nothing, but only in the sense that we make something out of something.  And we create a new form because we are equipped with a mind to think and to feel and to will and to imagine.  So everyone who makes a demand on spiritual Law will cause the Law to respond in the only way It can – in terms of the demand made.”  … Holmes Creative Living p. 57.1

    In this month of “Living Everyday Wonder – Work,” I ponder the work I do– the “privileged vocation” that Henri J.M. Nouwen refers to, “In a world so torn apart by rivalry, anger, and hatred, we have the privileged vocation to be living signs of a love that can bridge all divisions and heal all wounds.”  I sometimes question whether I am using the Law to congruently demonstrate my privileged vocation – my calling to bridge and heal.  How about you?

    I invite you to join me as I “make a demand on spiritual Law”…

    Knowing that there is only one Creative Source, the One I call God, that has created everything from nothing, that has sprung forth of Itself into and as all that is, I sense at that depth of my being that I am an out-picturing of It.  I am a divine expression just as everyone and everything are divine expressions.  I am/We are imbued with the ability to create new form “because we are equipped with a mind to think and to feel and to will and to imagine.”

    I choose now to use that mind to remember that each expression of the Divine is an essential component in the Universe and that the boundless Universe is my home.  I honor each.  I accept my responsibility to remain keenly alert to how my thoughts, words and deeds impact locally and globally.  I make life-affirming, wholesome choices on behalf of myself, our planet and all its inhabitants.

    I am grateful to be a conscious activity of God.  I am so grateful for the knowledge and power to make something out of something that I use them wisely.  I am grateful the Law responds and for the beneficial results.

    Knowing that my thought – my prayer – already known in the Mind of God, is assured of fulfillment, I commit to continuing to do my part to bridge all divisions and heal all wounds.

    And so It is!

    In Love and Gratitude,

    Rev Trish

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