Meet Our Minister


Reverend Therisia “Trish” Hall

Rev. Therisia “Trish” Hall, M.Div., is founding minister of Center for Spiritual Living Metro, serving the greater Washington, DC, Metro area. A dedicated student of world philosophies, she has a gift for conveying complex concepts in such a way that they become practical tools that everyone can put to use.

Rev. Trish earned her Master of Divinity at the Holmes Institute and her undergraduate degree in Counseling from Summit University. Part of what enables her to be an outstanding minister, educator and facilitator is how she thrives on the awakening of her students to their own magnificence. Her favorite “hobby” is staying awake to recognize and honor all expressions of the Divine.

Heart centered and Spirit led, Rev Trish is a compassionate pastoral and bereavement counselor. She is a published author, enchanting speaker and visionary leader. Rev Trish has served at the national and international level for 15 years and currently serves as the Chair of the Lifelong Learning Subcommittee. This group is in the process of creating a state-of-the-art transformation of spiritual education.

Rev. Trish is insatiably curious and loves to travel, make new friends, and immerse in diverse cultures. She has traveled extensively on five of the seven continents. That curiosity has drawn her to investigate healing modalities, spiritual practices, theologies and philosophies from around the world.

She has a passion for peace and is an outspoken advocate for all who may have been marginalized. In September 2014 she was a guest participant at the World Alliance of Religions for Peace Summit held in Seoul, Korea. She is internationally recognized for her peace work, which includes the founding of Way2Peace, a grassroots movement that she is confident can achieve and sustain world peace.

An acclaimed consultant, coach and mediator, Rev Trish has facilitated transformation of individuals and organizations. From December 2005-June 2014, she was the Community Spiritual Leader of Celebration Center for Spiritual Living in Falls Church, VA. As founding owner-operator of The Training Source, an internationally renowned interpersonal and organizational communication consulting and training company, she has served federal agencies, national corporations and local businesses.

Rev. Trish envisions a world in which everyone everywhere recognizes the Divinity of All Life, as well as world that works for everyone and compassion is the norm. One of her favorite quotes from the mystic Rumi is, “God’s wisdom made us lovers of one another. In fact, all the particles of the world are in love and looking for lovers.”