There is one essence called God. It is the essence and substance of everything. All of form is expressed from and made of God stuff. Thus, God is everywhere present.

I am One with and inseparable from God. Thus, I am everyone, everything, and everywhere. My mind and heart are expressive of God, thus every thought and feeling expresses into form because I have the mind and heart of God.

As I am one with God, each person is an expression of the essence of God. Each is inseparable from God. Each person is God in form. Thus, in the overall collective experience, each of us experiences the consequences of the actions we do and the thoughts we think. I chose to express a life of loving thoughts, kind words and feelings.

I am grateful. I am grateful for being conscious of my connection to and as the Divine.
I release this to the law within me knowing it is done in mind and form and so it is.

– Frank Mastoris, RScP