The One Thing!

There is one thing, that if you embrace it completely, will carry you through anything and everything that may occur in your entire lifetime.  Without question, it is THE most important factor in how radiantly you thrive in this world, especially at this time in history when chaos and turmoil seem to be everywhere … well almost everywhere.

Embracing and embodying this one concept causes you to be strong, powerful, gentle, compassionate, resilient, flexible, durable and ever present.  It is the core ingredient in self-worth and produces an amazing amalgamation of worthiness, humility and boldness.

That one thing is “Simply Spirit” … the deeply rooted, soul-filled wholeness you “remember” when you open wide to the Truth of your being: You are “Simply Spirit.”  It is the comprehension of this Truth that totally shifts how you experience life.  What I am inviting you to embrace is that you are “Simply Spirit” – a spiritual being that is expressing AS a human being. This level of comprehension recognizes that there is nothing that can be separated.  The wholeness of Spirit is inseparable. There is a unitary whole, God, expressing as countless individuations.

Dr. Ernest Holmes shared, “We are on the path of experience. Just waking to the real fact of our true being; as we awake, we find we are surrounded by many false conditions, but there is something within which remembers the real state. If one will sit in quiet contemplation of good, as an inner experience, he will experience the good which he contemplates.”

Many people, especially when they are just awakening to the possibility that they and spirit have something going on, feel that there are two parts to them:  Spirit as distinctly apart from their humanity.  This is a nesting place for beliefs and value judgments such as “good” and “evil.”  Once you have experienced the Truth of your being, you will never again confuse it with the idea of a human having a spiritual experience or the dualistic concept of people having differentiated parts – their human parts and separate spiritual parts.

In the Gospels, Jesus is quoted as having said, “Every kingdom divided against itself will be ruined, and every city or household divided against itself will not stand.”  He could have gone on with every individual divided against himself will collapse.  This is especially true when the individual is under stress.  Using computer-ese, embracing the wholeness of your being defragments you.  It calls all of your parts into congruency and harmony … into a radiant swirl of Spirit in expression.  You immediately have more energy, clarity and productivity.

Hosting warring parts within ourselves is hazardous to our health.  We must own our spirituality and our humanity for they are one … and we need to own all the parts of our humanity that have or are showing up in different ways.  How do you relate to these different aspects of your humanity? Have you reconciled their unique differences?  Are you able to wrap yourself around the idea that there is no humanity apart from Spirit?  Do you love all of you?

A sense of groundedness begins to arise as soon as we grasp the Truth of what we are.  Our ability to withstand whatever life throws at us, to be flexible, durable and to thrive, must be rooted in a strong foundation.  Like the mighty oak, we need deep roots, however, our roots are not located in a physical place.  Our root is deeply spiritual and is equally present everywhere.

As you open to this amazing truth about you, you will discover that you can integrate what feels separate into the wholeness of you.  To do this, you will need to release yourself from the myths and fables you were told.  You are probably familiar with how it feels when your life does not align with your myths and fables.  Who are you afraid of disappointing?  How can you tell the truths from the lies.  How can you sort it out when your life is filled with unmet expectations?  What are you feeling?  Guilt?  Shame?

Guilt and shame are different:

“I did something bad.” (Guilt)

“I am bad.” (Shame)

Author, Brené Brown, says that there are three universal truths about shame:

  • We all have it
  • We’re afraid to talk about it
  • The less we talk about it, the more of it we have


It’s time to set yourself free.  Own your story … your whole story.  Brown says that telling the truth about who you are, where you come from and what you’re up against, may be the most courageous thing you will ever do!

When you tell someone who you are, be clear.  Resist the temptation to return to the familiar box you and others have put you in.

Without being willing to tell our truth and own our shame, we operate from the surface of life. To live at depth requires that we choose authenticity as an unwavering value.  Truth-telling, honest expression and authenticity are essential forces exhibited in the natural world because it is the uninhibited expression of Spirit.  Strive to be an uninhibited expression of Spirit as well.

Alan Cohen says, “We feel empty because we seek horizontal [worldly] answers to vertical [spiritual] questions.”

As we learn to rely more and more completely upon Spirit as our one and only Source, we become more receptive … we “open wide.”  We open to and embrace  the radiant health, loving relationships, creative expression, and overall abundant good of our wholeness.  This, the complete opening to the “effervescent Life of God,” is the greatest gift of being.

Anam Thubten wrote, “When all the layers of false identity have been stripped off, there is no longer any version of that old self. What is left behind is pure consciousness (rigpa). That is our original being. That is our true identity. Our true nature is indestructible. No matter whether we are sick or healthy, poor or wealthy, it always remains divine and perfect as it is. When we realize our true nature, our life is transformed in a way we could not have imagined before. We realize the very meaning of our life and it puts an end to all searching right there.”

We come to realize that we cannot be apart from It.  We relax into It – giving and receiving an ever-growing supply of all that is needed and desired.  We embrace ourselves as what we are: “Simply Spirit” making it through each day of this human experience.