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Confidently Creative!

Please accept my apology for the gap in updating the blog.  The silly expression, “Life got in the way” fits all too well here and yet, isn’t living all about being present with life?  I can assure you, I was definitely being present with life … immersed in it, absorbed by it, perhaps even obsessed with it.

I don’t like the idea of even considering curbing my enthusiasm, yet it’s my enthusiasm that lures me into over committing.  There are so many possibilities all calling to me.  And they all sound so enticing.  There are so many ways I can learn, serve, fully express myself through my innate givingness while enjoying birthing something new by using  the creativity imbued in me.  Often I find myself echoing Charles Filmore’s declaration, “I fairly sizzle with zeal and enthusiasm as I bound forth to do the things that ought be done by me.”  I say, “YES! Pick me!” Wisdom seems to shrink as zeal leaps to the front and my creativity soars.  It all sounds fabulous! And, it works, mostly.  If all my activities stay precisely on track on their timelines, it’s wonderful.  Sometimes, I am in awe at how well it all works together.  Sometimes, however, some itsy bitsy thing, like the timing of a deliverable, will get just a little out of whack, which, small as it is, can derail that one thing which then can startthi a cascade of dominos that devolve into a train wreck.  I then scurry around compulsively picking up all the pieces and putting them back on their tracks.

My mother declared when I was quite young that I was born with some sort time disorder that made me believe that more could be accomplished in any increment of time than anyone, with even a twit of sanity, would know was impossible.  But, as Walt Disney said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible!”  Later I discovered that my “disorder” was broader than originally reported: it was (is) actually entangled in some sort of time-space continuum.  Every time I get the silly notion to clean a closet I am reminded of my disorder.  Follow me with this process:

Step #1: Empty the closet

Step #2: Sort the contents

Step#3:  Discard things that haven’t been used for quite some time, no longer fit, or have passed their useful life

Step #4:  Feel good about the large pile of items that are going away

Step #5:  Put the now greatly reduced number of items back in the closet.  [This step should more correctly say, “try to put …”]

Step#6:  Use all my creativity to figure out how to fit the “greatly reduced number of items” back in the closet.

Step #7:  Look at the clock and realize that time as well as space escaped.

It seems quite obvious that when I took things out, the closet shrunk, or while the items were out and the pressure was off of them, they swelled up … or maybe there really are closet demons and they are out to get me.  Kidding aside, we use our creativity every moment whether with a closet project, calendar management or writing a silly little piece.

Ernest Holmes stated,  “We cannot escape from the creative power of our thought and there is no use in trying to do so. All we need to do is to use the law from the right motive, then we shall be made free.”

In some ways, it’s a bit scary to think that we are constantly creating.  I remember asking a minister when I first dove into our teaching about the creative power of some of my “evil thoughts.”  I gave up that verbiage a long, long time ago and yet the residual question remains:  some of my thoughts are not necessarily the most affirming and skillful thoughts I’ve ever had. Combine this with our teaching that God is not the “great editor in the sky,” redacting those errant thoughts, then why are the worst of my thoughts not manifesting as powerfully as my “good thoughts”?  The distinction here is some of my errant thoughts don’t reflect my actual beliefs. I believe that we manifest the “net sum” of our beliefs.  The truth is, I don’t even believe a goodly portion of the thoughts that arise in my mind.  It’s sort of like thoughts pop in on a trial basis to see if they fit.  If they don’t they’re rejected and fade into the nothingness from which they came.  Thoughts that do align with my beliefs take root and flourish.  I am prospered in all aspects of my life.

Applying this perspective reveals why sometimes our prayers aren’t “answered.”  If the prayer [thought] is contrary to our beliefs, it is likely to be rejected in our own mind. Josh Stearn said, “We cannot create a world we cannot imagine.”  Ah, so true … if we cannot imagine the fulfillment of our prayer, we are what is in the way of it being answered.  God’s givingness is unlimited.  There is no shortage or constriction of the Universal Flow. I accept that my receptivity is not always equally unlimited.  I am working on it.  This is one of those beautiful opportunities for us to be our own observer, to be mindful, and to realize that the obstruction arises from faulty beliefs … beliefs that can most definitely be changed.

Dr Holmes said, “We are told to have faith, to believe, to have positive conviction and undeviating acceptance.  That is the Law … and that is the way to use It.  It is impossible for anyone who will definitely create the right picture, and stay with it, to fail.”  What he was addressing was the way, the method for us to use, to change beliefs that are not serving us.  It requires conscientiousness combined with confidence that the “tool” we are using, Divine Creativity, cannot fail us.

Divine Creativity is not about talent or special abilities, an artistic flair or even the ability to speak a prayer in a poetic way, although it may be displayed through those expressions.  Being creative is our nature.  As a living individuation of the Almighty, we are imbued with the creative potential and capability of the Divine itself.  It is up to us to open our receptors, to release our doubts and negative self-talk, and align with Spirit expressing as us.  The entire Universe conspires to deliver our good.  We have to create a vessel into which that good can arrive.

Dr Holmes taught that, “The thought is a mold, conviction is the molten substance poured into this mold. One is not complete without the other and many people make the mistake of using only one of these essential states of consciousness.” It is easier for me to grasp this concept if I shift from “thought” being the mold to “belief” as the mold.  I can understand how some of my deep seeded beliefs, particularly my doubts, are still influencing my outcomes.  When I truly desire something and I have done my spiritual practices and nothing happens, I have learned to take that simply as feedback:  there apparently is a limiting belief still lurking around that is obstructing the free flow of good coming my way.

God, “Source,” is not holding anything back.  My mixed messages are.  “The Law is no respecter of persons and will bring good or evil to any according to his/her use or misuse of it.”  The Law is cold, hard, mechanical fact.  It responds, returning to each the result of his own beliefs, be they false or true. When we get our constricted humanity out of the way our wealth expands, our relationships are enriched and our authentic life purpose makes itself known.  This is the intelligent use of creative imagination.  Fortunately or unfortunately, the Law, predictably and reliably says, “yes.”

Being brave, bold, calm and confident about how we embrace and embody the Truth of our being plays a huge part in how effective we are in consciously using the immense creativity that is at our disposal. When we identify with the Truth that we are living individuations of the Divine, we are grounded, secure, unstoppable and able  to live boundlessly.  Any old fears of scarcity are allayed and generosity of spirit and goods arise.

As Rev Brian Akers declared, “If I believe these principles are the cornerstone of my life, why on earth would I hide them or choose not to share them when given the opportunity?”  If you are unwilling to share this Truth when provided the opportunity, then something, some fear, some doubt, is hiding in you causing you to be afraid to openly let your Truth be known.  This is a brilliant moment!  It is a “golden opportunity” to do some rich, deep belief shifting that would not have arisen had you not walked smack into it.  Take full advantage of the situation.  Engage the full range of your Divine Creativity!

Because you have the power of choice, you can allow this encounter with doubt to paralyze you or catapult you forward.  I suggest that you bolster your faith by engaging in daily spiritual practices.  These tools strengthen the alignment of our humanity with the Divine Truth so we can stand firmly, unflinchingly in the face of conditions and opinions. They reinforce our resolve to remember that we are Simply Spirit … an incarnation of the Divine who knows itself so clearly that it is never vulnerable, only available.

Our imagination is the greatest creative canvas we have! We know we’re using it all the time but sometimes we misplace the conscious use of it with the habitual use of it. As an example, we may have someone tell us to imagine what our life would be like if it were perfect. After some trying maybe we say, “I can’t even imagine it! I’m just not good at using my imagination.”  Some may even go so far as to claim that they, therefore, lack creativity.

Five minutes later that same person may be immersed in worry and fret about how s/he is going to pay the bills this month and suddenly, without realizing it, the faculty of imagination is working really well.  Circling back to where we began, we now awaken to how easily we are able to imagine with such vivid clarity.  We can create all of the panic sensations associated with what will happen if we can’t pay the rent.  We can become fully engaged in all the feelings as though the situation was already upon us.

The imagination that predicts a horrible future is literally the very same one that can imagine a beautiful one. It isn’t our ability to create that has an issue.  It’s the amount of time we spend practicing the use of our imagination to produce our good rather than allowing old faulty beliefs to run rampant through our minds.  Changing our thoughts can be used to change our beliefs.  Changing our beliefs can totally alter our feelings about our future, and literally bring paradise closer to home with each passing moment.

All of this is summed up to:  How are you using this amazing gift that has been placed within you?  Are you applying it consciously and confidently?  Are you using it for the highest and best for yourself and others?  Are you using this magnificent gift of creativity consciously and confidently? The choice is up to you.  Choose wisely!  Every choice is creative.  It is being acted upon by the Law as you think!