Sunday Services

Sunday Services

We are delighted your spiritual journey has brought you here and we look forward to welcoming you to CSL Metro! Our Sunday services are rewarding, enlightening, and dedicated to empowering you to live your true purpose.

Each Sunday service begins at 10:00 am. We invite you to join us at 9:15 am for meditation led by a member of our Prayer ministry team. We ask you to please silence your cell phone prior to entering the sanctuary.



Note-Winter Weather Alternative:
Since the well being of our congregation is our primary concern, we have a conference system in place so that everyone can attend service in their pajamas, rather than venture out when it is not safe to be on the roads. If we are switching to our “virtual service,” it will be announced (with instructions) on the home page of this site.

Sunday Topics

Centers for Spiritual Living 2020 Theme and Vision

20/20 Spiritual Vision 

We embrace the Divine Truth of Oneness, practicing

Kindness, Respect, Honesty, Compassion and Equity.

We stand together as a beneficial presence, dedicated to

living the spiritual principles and practices of Science of Mind.


We honor all traditions and paths. We believe that every person is on a spiritual journey. Our intention is to support each on that journey. Together we are evolving – expanding our awareness of the presence of God.

Wherever you are on your life journey, you are welcome at CSL Metro.  You are invited to join us for all our activities and discover how we’re changing lives. Explore new possibilities for your life as you open to living a creative, meaningful, and fulfilling life. Connect with what inspires you. Reveal new possibilities.

We look forward to you expressing your unique and Divine individuality.

Welcome Home!

Rev Trish Hall


March Theme:  “Honoring the Divine Feminine in All

We are celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring women who have soared to great heights.


I choose to honor all my Divine Attributes.

Contemplation from Rev Trish

I am mindful and gratefully note how my feminine and masculine aspects express and enrich my life.

~ ~ ~

Book of the Month:

Goddess Power: Awakening the Wisdom of the Divine Feminine in Your Life – by Isabella Price


April Theme: “Bright Beginnings”

We are celebrating Women’s History Month by honoring women who have soared to great heights.


I eagerly welcome “new”.

Contemplation from Rev Trish

I celebrate beginnings and challenge myself to notice all that is new in my environment and in me.

~ ~ ~

Book of the Month:

Broken Open by Elizabeth Lesser

~ ~ ~

March 1st - “Revisiting the God of Your Understanding” with Rev Trish

Who (or what) is the “God of your understanding”? Many of us were taught that God has human form including a personality that could be loving or vengeful intermittently with little if any notice. We were further guided that we had to stay on his good side if we hoped to go to heaven. For those who remain dedicated to the “Father-God” perspective, it represents safety and comfort. For others, this image tended to stir insecurity . We must keep in mind that the God we each embrace as our own fits us. It is the God we understand and it works for us as we are. Some people, even fearing potential retribution, challenge the patriarchal structure and seek other possibilities. Some give up on God entirely or look to other world teachings, embrace an androgynous Mother-Father God and/or move to an understanding that God is pure Spirit, equally present everywhere. This Sunday we’ll be investigating some fascinating possibilities.
March 8th – “Not Bound by Gender” with Rev Trish

We see the Divine Feminine and the Divine Masculine beyond gender. Such expressions are demonstrations of the givingness of Spirit to Itself. This week, as we continue our examination of who or what is the “God of your understanding,” we will look at how God-qualities show up in/as us. If God is not limited to being a gender then neither are we as individuations of God. We are each a composite of masculine and feminine attributes that we can draw on and express to enrich our own and others’ life experiences. We get to choose to be assertive when needed and soft, perhaps submissive, on other occasions. We have the ability to consciously flex and adapt in order to be a beneficial presence in our ever-changing environment. We are an array of latent characteristics waiting to be expressed.
March 15th - “The Womb of Creativity”
with Rev Trish

The creative process is taking place constantly. Ideas emerge into form - thought becomes form. Traditional scriptures declare that God thought and form appeared. Going further with our examination of the “God of your understanding,” this week we will look at the Divine Creative Process that is showing up as all creation and what that means to us as Its individuations. Affirming that as we are told in the Bible, we are “made in the image and likeness of God,” we are using the creative process all the time. This is both a humbling and scary prospect. What are we creating with our thoughts? What is the result of anger? What is created when we exhibit kindness and compassion? Are we functioning consciously or carelessly? Are our decisions reactions to circumstances or guided by our awareness of the beauty and power of Spirit? We must ask ourselves regularly, “How then shall I be?”
PLEASE JOIN US ON ZOOM ID #774-284-0215 AT OUR REGULAR TIMES March 22nd - “Nurturing as Strength” with Jason Muhammad

Nurturing requires that you look inward, reflect and analyze your own behaviors and emotions as well as meet the needs of others plus your own. This type of introspection is not tied to gender, sex, or social identity. Instead this requires courage, strength and power – it is not for the weak or faint of heart.

The act of caring, loving, encouraging, cheering on, reassuring and inspiring are ways to describe nurturing. Who must I be to encourage and care for the growth of another person and myself? I must be a person of strength and emotional maturity.
PLEASE JOIN US ON ZOOM ID #774-284-0215 AT OUR REGULAR TIMES March 29th - “Radical Gratitude: An Entrance to the Sacred” with Patrick Harbula

What would it be like to view every challenging event as the absolute perfect experience for the unfolding of greater love, freedom, and joy? Seeing life through the eyes of our soul, allows us to see a larger picture that embraces our eternal wisdom and compassion and unfolds the experience of sacred living.
PLEASE JOIN US ON ZOOM ID #774-284-0215 AT OUR REGULAR TIMES April 5th - “Everything New” with Rev Trish Hall
When we free ourselves from our attachments to old ways of being, we experience everything as new. Because “all things are possible in God,” this could happen instantaneously. Many of us have discovered that freeing ourselves from our self-imposed enslavement to habitual thought patterns has to be practiced conscientiously until new habits are fully developed. Springtime, as the days grow longer and warmer, is the perfect time to dig deep into our inner soil, examine what may have limited our full expression, and uproot it so we can spring forth as “new.” Rev Trish will guide us through some self-examination to reveal new possibilities. Give yourself permission to grow into your radiant potential as modeled every year when the plants and leaves return.
April 12th – “Broken Open” with Rev Trish

What better time than Easter Sunday to break out of your shell - your comfort zone overgrown with weeds and cobwebs of old ways of believing and being. Emerge into the New. A plant breaks through the seed, a chick breaks through the egg, a butterfly breaks through the cocoon. “And the time came when the risk to remain tight in a bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - Anais Nin

We each are here to learn, to grow into and live as our highest expression. We are called to move through changes in our lives, release what doesn’t serve us and embrace new areas that call us. We start by shifting our consciousness which results in new thoughts which produce new experiences that ignite in new rippling cycles of regeneration.
April 19th – Center for Spiritual Living Metro Annual Meeting


Center for Spiritual Living Metro
3550 Wilson Boulevard, Arlington VA 22201
Sunday, April 19, 2020 - 10:00 AM
(In lieu of our regular Sunday service)
A light brunch will be provided.
April 26th - “Fire in the Belly” with Rev Trish

During Ramadan (April 23 – May 23, 2020) adherents rededicate their lives to Spirit, recommitting to spiritual practice multiple times per day. It is a time for of reflection, revelation, revolution, and restoration. It is believed that their hearts, minds and lives are purified through the cleansing fire in their belly that occurs during the fasting not only from food, water, and sex, but also from negative behaviors such gossiping and lying. Pay attention to the fire in your belly – it has much to reveal to you. Every day you have the opportunity to contribute to the world simply by showing up as yourself. You do not need to chase a life purpose to be worthy of living this life.

To strengthen our own spiritual practices, we can adopt a practice modeled after “salat” which requires Muslims to stop what they are doing 5 times each day to pray. How might our lives be different if we set five appointments with ourselves each day to stop briefly to turn our attention to Oneness and affirmed, “Spirit in me, as me, is me.”