Sunday Services

Sunday Services

We are delighted your spiritual journey has brought you here and we look forward to welcoming you to CSL Metro! Our Sunday services are rewarding, enlightening, and dedicated to empowering you to live your true purpose.

Each Sunday service begins at 10:00 am. We invite you to join us at 9:15 am for meditation led by a member of our Prayer ministry team. We ask you to please silence your cell phone prior to entering the sanctuary.



Note-Winter Weather Alternative:
Since the well being of our congregation is our primary concern, we have a conference system in place so that everyone can attend service in their pajamas, rather than venture out when it is not safe to be on the roads. If we are switching to our “virtual service,” it will be announced (with instructions) on the home page of this site.

Sunday Topics

Centers for Spiritual Living 2018 Theme and Vision

100 Years of The Science of Mind

We commit to align our thoughts with our Divine Truth, assuring that all our actions exhibit Oneness: they are Kind, Respectful, Honest, Compassionate and Equitable

We stand together in a shared commitment and devotion to living the spiritual principles and practices of Science of Mind

November Theme:  “Freedom From Fear and Error Thinking!”

Book of the Month:  Living Without Fear by Ernest Holmes

Affirmation: I know what I am: An expression of the Divine Itself! I am ever-evolving, constantly creating and re-creating who I am.

Contemplation:  “For God hath not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind.”  Living Without Fear by Ernest Holmes

December Theme:  “Life Is for Living!”

Book of the Month:  The Art of Life by Ernest Holmes

Affirmation: I am delighted to be alive as Spirit!

Contemplation:  “I am filled with the spirit of gladness.  I have a sense of freedom and enjoyment.  I am filled with an expectancy of good things.  The energy of Life flows through me!” The Art of Living by Ernest Holmes

Weekly topics include:

November 4th - “If Only … ” with Theresa Wilson

Theresa Wilson starts off our look into “Freedom from Fear and Error Thinking” by contrasting those experiences of fear triggered by “scary” things that are out there and obvious with those fear-encounters that may not be recognized for what they are. They may be brushed off, yet those are the ones that often do the most harm, causing us to hesitate and miss opportunities resulting in “if-only”.
November 11th – “Nothing to Fear But Fear” with Rev Trish Hall

The backronym of FEAR: “False Evidence Appearing Real” turns us away from error thinking, refocusing us on what actually is real. Fear, a nameless, unreasoning, perhaps unjustified response to a real or imagined experience, can so totally distract us from what is true that we unknowingly give it the power to control our lives. It can take on a life of its own, paralyzing individuals or mobilizing mobs. President Franklin Roosevelt summed it up with, “the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself.” He was declaring war on the Great Depression and the devastating psychological impact it was wreaking. Every day, we have the opportunity declare “war” on what is not true by rejecting fear-mongering. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for to be peace makers and truth-tellers. And your choice is?
November 18th – “Living My Truth" with Bianca Humady Rey
Sometimes the journey of revealing one’s truth is smooth, clear and simple. Sometimes it can be a struggle. Sometimes it takes courage. Our Guest, Bianca Humady Rey, a transgender person, will share her story. There will be plenty of time to get answers to your questions.
November 25th – “Are More Than Enough” with Rev Trish Hall

There’s an old cliché, “God will never give you more than you can handle.” It’s very comforting bumper-sticker scripture that you won’t find in the Bible. From my observation: you can handle anything that may show up not because some external force is coming to rescue you, but because you are way more than enough! Within you is everything – all the power, discernment, creativity and compassion – you need to move with grace and ease through all of life: its ups and downs and swirls. Learn how to move beyond merely coping, to delighting in being alive!
December 2nd – “Filled with Gladness” with Rev Trish Hall

A mentor once told me we can only serve from the overflow. Ernest Holmes, in Living the Science of Mind, affirmed as well, “we cannot give what we do not possess.” We cannot possess what we are not willing to receive. It’s all cyclical: giving and receiving, embracing and releasing, judging and forgiving – oh my, that too? We’re all familiar with “what goes around, comes around” and “what we sow, we shall reap.” Simply, for every action (thought or deed), there is a consequence – some good, some not so good. We need to release ourselves constrictions we have imposed on ourselves so that we may be the embodiment of gladness – a sensation much more exuberant than mere happiness. This scintillating sensory explosion is magnetic so that we can share the space and grace of gladness and well-being with others so they may do likewise. Consciously filling to overflowing with gladness, I cannot help but spill out all over everyone (and everything).
December 9th – "A Life that is Overflowing" with Dianne Stewart Hamlin, RScP

Life provides us with a series of opportunities to live, to grow, to prosper. Our choices yield our results as we continuously create the life that we desire. The key is that we have to choose when the opportunity is present as opportunities come and go. We engage completely and we allow ourselves to fully experience that which we choose. This is true whether we actively choose to experience a specific thing or we choose to let it past us without engaging. This is done consciously or unconsciously. Either way, the results of our choices is what we get to live. When we accept this, we can begin to truly live our lives fully, wholly and completely. Then we begin to prosper and we begin to truly live the lives that we desire.
December 16th – “Free to Be” with Rev Trish Hall

We are not free to be our authentic selves until we release ourselves from old stories that constrict our perception of how absolutely amazing we are. The source of the stories doesn’t matter. What is important is that we realize we have the power to revise and even redact those stories. We are told “what we focus upon expands in our experience.” It applies whether we are centering our attention on desired experiences or putting energy into pushing away something undesirable. Whatever occupies our thoughts gets magnified because it is re-creating itself, over and over. There is a great lesson here: We use the Creative Process consciously and unconsciously. Used wisely it can produce magnificent results. Learn to discern and embody the confidence to act on what is revealed.
December 23rd – “Living in a State of Expectancy” with Rev Trish Hall

Dawali and Hanukah are behind us. Kwanzaa doesn’t start until December 26th. And Christmas, the commemoration of birth of Christ-Light, is almost upon us. In the Science of Mind, we are told to “Look to the future with great and pleasurable anticipation, knowing it will expand our opportunity for radiant self-expression.”
Know this. Let your light shine! Release your creativity, dance, play, sing and love! Come celebrate the seasons of light with us!
December 30th – “Bring It On!” with Rev Trish Hall

During this month, as the year has been drawing to a close, we have delved into various perspectives of the cyclical nature of life, of how we can release ourselves from any and all constraints we have been carrying and embrace our full, authentic “selfness.” This, the last Sunday of the year, we will surrender in a Burning Bowl Ceremony, all that no longer serves us, and lean into and embrace, with a White Stone Ceremony, how we choose to be. These two ceremonies in combination, tools that support changing our thinking and changing our lives, are a very powerful. Join us for a truly transformative morning!