Reverend Therisia “Trish” Hall

Rev Trish Hall came home to Science of Mind in the mid 1980’s. She walked in the doors of a Religious
Science Church and instantly remembered the loving embrace of a spiritual community very much like
the one she had attended with one of her best friends as a child. The cross cultural array into which she
was welcomed filled the gaps she had experienced in the interim. She immediately started taking
classes and volunteering. She never questioned – this was the teaching that pulled all of her searching
and studies together into one practical way of life. She was home.

She licensed as a Professional Practitioner in 1991 and graduated from Holmes Institute with a Master of
Divinity in 2001. Rev Trish is a regular contributor to the Science of Mind Magazine. She has served
what is now Centers for Spiritual Living as a Regional Support Coordinator for 10 years, as Chair of the
Lifelong Learning Committee that designs cutting edge spiritual education, through the World Ministry
of Prayer and on the Global Services Committee. Having served in two prior pulpits, she became the
founding minister of Center for Spiritual Living Metro in 2015.