Ending or Beginning?

On December 31st at 11:59 PM, where will your focus be?

Are you ending or beginning? Are you grateful that 2016 is over, you survived! Or, are you excited that a brand new never before lived year is flinging open before your eyes?

Again, where is your focus?

Do you believe that no matter how awesome 2016 and before were, there is a greatest yet to be ALWAYS possible in this moment? Similarly, if 2016 went down in history as a “worst yet,” can you free yourself sufficiently from whatever it was so that those experiences don’t hobble you as you move forward?

What you believe about yourself has a huge impact on how you answer those opening questions. Is your identity confined to what you have accomplished? Or do you know yourself to be pure potential, always ready to bloom in some new expression … some new possibility? This rather simplistic orientation check, is deeply telltale of your flexibility quotient (how you adapt to change) and your overall outlook on life. It’s a counterpart of the old, “is the glass half-empty, or half-full?”
Those with a low flexibility quotient have a need to “build on the past.” Unless there is a precedent, a foundation or a structure in place, they feel unsure. They fear moving forward as it seems too unstable to trust. They rely heavily on external determinants.

Those with a high flexibility quotient are more akin to the “oh let’s fly it while we build it.” These people have a tendency to trust their inner guidance system in spite of what is going on around them.

Most of us are a blend of these two and lean one way or the other depending on the context.

Some “authorities” claim these are hardwired tendencies … “what you see is what you get.” I disagree. Simply because you “see” it or even experience it, does not mean that it accurately represents what you are. My environment deeply imprinted on me that I needed to check and recheck circumstances, to confirm and reconfirm that there was a foundation under whatever I wanted to do. I was cautious, fear-based and generally untrusting with occasional aberrations that served to confuse those around me and sometimes frighten me. Obviously, there was a suppressed part of me that wanted to make itself known.

I took some classes that empowered me to dig deep within those fears. I discovered the adventurous, trusting, fun-loving essence of me that had been so well concealed. I connected with a “me” I didn’t recognize yet felt so familiar. Wow! There “I” was … here I am. Years of peeling away old habits and enjoying the ever-evolving expression of the Divine that you know as Rev Trish. “You’ve come a long way, baby” has more meaning for me than you may ever know.

And, one of those things that I know is true, is my story is not that different from the life experiences of many others: different characters, different events, different times, and yet a common thread, a shared journey.

My commitment is to live in the present moment in ways that open to a future that is even more magnificent! Join me. Shed any apprehensions you may be toting with you. Release yourself from any icky parts of your past that may be clinging to you. Commit to being your wonder-filled self, living full out Let your light shine. Be YOU … the genuine YOU … with us!

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