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The One God is within, without and expressing as each of us at all times and in all places. Right now, right here I am the living expression of God’s divine presence.

Therefore all of my thoughts, all of my words and all of my actions express Peace, Intelligence, Wholeness, Beauty, Harmony, Joy, Abundance, and Love.

These qualities are the Truth of Who I am. Anything else is illusion, and I cast them

Back into the nothingness from which they sprang.

No matter what appears to be going on around me, I return to my Center,

And I focus on what I know to be True—that all is well, within and without me.

All I ever need do is relax into the truth of my being and know that everything

I need is provided already in abundance. All the answers I need come to me without

Effort or worry. The life I was given is a gift that never stops giving and growing. It is

Mine to give to everyone and everything. I remember who I am and I am at peace.

I lam deeply grateful to know and to express these truths.

And so it is.

Sandy Minnesang, RScP


Coming to stillness of my body, releasing the distractedness of my morning, choosing the serene joy of stillness of my entire being … I am fully present in this moment.  I rest here, open to Spirit as It stirs my heart and reveals to me the perfect words for this prayer.

I know there is only One.  It is the Absolute, the Omniscient, Omnipotent, Omni-present Beingness before all, in all and after all.  It is the creative Source of everything.  It is expressing Itself in, as, around, through and throughout everything!  I drink it in trying to wrap my finiteness around infinity.  It’s mind boggling … amazing … awe inspiring.  Here is where I stop, I breathe and soak in kinesthetically beyond what my mind can absorb.
I am one with this Indescribable Infinite. What is true of me is true of all. Yes, I am in awe!

I now speak my word about each person reading this prayer.  I know that each is “Simply Spirit” so all Divine Attributes are imbued in each.  Each is pure potentiality.  Each is unlimited possibility.  I now claim on behalf of each that s/he is now open to drawing on Divine Wisdom and confidently following Divine Guidance … that Spirit as each is expressing radiant health, boundless abundance, loving relationships and peace.  Leaning into the knowingness that Spirit’s presence is everywhere, life is good, rich and full.

I am grateful for knowing this Truth and for the quality of life that naturally unfolds from living consciously.

I release this prayer in total confidence that it is already known in the Mind of God and absolutely assured of fulfillment.  I know it is so!  And so it is!

In Love, Peace and Gratitude,
Rev Trish


I know that there is One Power, One Creator of all that is.
That One, which we call God or Spirit, is all there is.
Therefore I know that I am a living embodiment of this One Life.
Spirit is Infinite Intelligence, Wholeness, Unity, Peace, Beauty, Love, Energy, Life,
Therefore I know that I am Intelligence, Wholeness, Unity, Peace, Beauty, Love, Energy and Life.
Everywhere and at all times I am surrounded and personify this
One Life of God.
Behind any and all appearances to the contrary, I know that there
is only this One Life of God.,
Therefore there is nothing to fear, no reason to ever feel inadequate
or incapable. I am never alone, and I am always guided by the Divine
within and without me. I can deal with whatever shows up in my
experience. I am One with the Power and Intelligence of Spirit.
Therefore I give thanks for knowing these Truths, and I rest in Peace.
I let it be, and so it is,

– Sandy Minnesang, RScP


There is one essence called God. It is the essence and substance of everything. All of form is expressed from and made of God stuff. Thus, God is everywhere present.

I am One with and inseparable from God. Thus, I am everyone, everything, and everywhere. My mind and heart are expressive of God, thus every thought and feeling expresses into form because I have the mind and heart of God.

As I am one with God, each person is an expression of the essence of God. Each is inseparable from God. Each person is God in form. Thus, in the overall collective experience, each of us experiences the consequences of the actions we do and the thoughts we think. I chose to express a life of loving thoughts, kind words and feelings.

I am grateful. I am grateful for being conscious of my connection to and as the Divine.
I release this to the law within me knowing it is done in mind and form and so it is.

– Frank Mastoris, RScP