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Affirmative Prayer

Today I celebrate Life!

With all the distractions in this wonder-filled world of circumstances, today, I am reminded that “that which I focus upon expands in my life.”  “Life” that Dr. Holmes describes in This Thing Called Life (1943):  This is a Universal Wholeness seeking expression through everything.  We are calling it simply Life. . . . Life is infinite energy coupled with the limitless creative imagination.  It is the invisible essence and substance of every visible form.  Its nature is goodness, truth, wisdom and beauty, as well as energy and imagination.

I speak this prayer in the manner I was taught, lo, those many years ago.  I speak it in the first person knowing that I speak as One, on behalf of all readers of my prayer, understanding that its impact is not limited to only the readers.  Its impact shifts the greater consciousness.

This is what I know …

There is only One … One creative source that has sprung forth of Itself into and as all creation – invisible and visible, unmanifest and manifest.  There is only Divine expression.  I am, therefore, an individualized expression of It, imbued with all Its attributes latent in me.  This pure potentiality rests within me awaiting my recognition and use of It.

I dive deeply into limitless imagination recognizing and activating Divine Creativity.  I now call forth the radiant expression of Life’s Nature:  I call forth goodness, truth, wisdom, and beauty.  Any appearance unlike Life’s nature now dissolves in the presence of Its radiance.  The world is awakened to its Divine Nature – to the fulfillment of its pure potentiality.  Life in this awareness experienced as Peace … It is Peace.  Peace now prevails.  Goodness, Truth, Wisdom and Beauty prevail.  In Self-awareness, each individuation now awakens to its true nature.  Each awakens as Spirit expressing as Peace, Goodness, Truth, Wisdom and Beauty.

In Love and Gratitude,

Rev Trish

Affirmative Prayer

Dear Ones:
Today I received a letter that Rev. Trish had us write at a workshop last New Years.
We were to imagine that God was writing a letter to ourselves.
After reading it today, I was struck by how much more deeply the truths about
myself resonated within me now than when I had written them a year ago.
Upon reflection, I realized how much our spiritual practices and having a
spiritual family has deepened my faith and made my life so miraculous.
Thus I want to share a bit of what I wrote as a treatment for all of us:
God is Love. And since I am a living embodiment of Spirit, I am Love.
I am loved and loving. Within me is everything I need to live a wondrous life.
God provides me with everything I need to prosper and succeed.
I have been given everything to be all that I was created to be–a unique
expression of the One Life of God. God within me guides me. I need only  listen and heed
with my mind and my heart.I am never powerless, helpless or alone. Spirit
is always with me, providing me with every resource I need.
Thus I am free to open my mind and heart–to dream big and to live large.
I am here to Celebrate the One Life of God that encompasses the lives of
Everyone. Hallelulah! Today and every day is a new beginning for a new,
freer me. I play big and Shine my Light brightly wherever I go, and I bask in
the Light of Everyone I meet. I am courageous and strong as I remember
that God is always with me, within me, surrounding me. I can trust myself and
others because I know that each of us is a living expression of the One Life of God.
I feel deep gratitude for knowing these Truths and for the blessed Life that I have
been given. I release My Word into the living law where it is aways received and
made manifest. And so I say “Thank you,” and I let it be. And so it is.
Sandy Minnesang, RScP

Affirmative Prayer

Dear Ones….

Please accept my apology for not getting this posted this morning.

This is Native American Heritage Month, also known as, Indigenous Peoples of the Americas Month.

Today’s Holmes quotes are drawn from his Reader on Practical Wisdom.

“The Spirit of God is an undivided and indivisible Wholeness.  It fills all time with Its presence and all space with the activity of Its thought.  Everyone is an incarnation of God, and a unique incarnation.  All are rooted in the One Life.”

During this month I am keenly aware of the all-too-often unacknowledged contribution and tremendous influence of Indigenous People.  Ranging from rescuing the original settlers from their arrogance and ignorance, to collaborating, teaching and guiding those who came later, Indigenous People made the survival of the white people possible.  They have endured, despite theft of their lands and myriad attempts to destroy their culture.  My heart weeps.  I ask an unanswerable question: how can people (incarnations of God) treat other incarnations of God so despicably?  Perpetrators of these crimes haven’t limited themselves to Indigenous People: they cast a broad net. My question, then, is even more emphatic.  How can this be?  How can these atrocities still be happening? I have learned that no matter how many actions are taken, resulting changes are not sustainable unless consciousness itself is shifted. This is where we come in.  Before, during and after any and all actions we may be called to take, we pray!

This I know:  There is only One … One Source … One Creator … that has sprung forth of Itself, as all creation.  I know that just as I am one with and inseparable from this One, everyone, everywhere is an incarnation of the One, the Only.  All are unique individuations of the One.

I now declare that Consciousness is being shifted in this very moment!  The world is being restored to its Divine Prototype – one in which all expressions of the Divine are treated with kindness and respect, nurtured, cared for, honored and appreciated.  I know that millions of people are becoming fully engaged and committed to transforming all levels of relationships so that the world and all its inhabitants compatibly coexist.  A world that works for all is emerging.  Peace is prevailing.

Gratitude is arising within me as I release this prayer.  I have full faith and confidence in its fulfillment.

Dr. Holmes advised us, “Your endeavor then, is not so much to find God as it is to realize God’s Presence and to understand that this Presence is always with you.  Nothing can be nearer to you than that which is the very essence of your being.  Your outward search culminates in the greatest of all possible discoveries—finding God at the center of your own being.  Life flows up from within you.”

This is the Truth we know on behalf of each and every unique individuation of Spirit!

In Love and Gratitude,

Rev Trish

Affirmative Prayer


This came to me from a dear friend in our interfaith community, grounding us in the Oneness of all traditions:

On this election day, help us uphold the lessons you have taught us:  love for our neighbors, respect for one another, and caring for those in need.  May we use the power of voting and policy making for the greater good and betterment of not only our own society, but for the world as well.

We know that all things work together for good for those who love God, who are called according to your purpose.  Bless our government, this country, and all who call it home that we may work to fulfill your promises.

We ask you to nurture the leadership qualities in each of us.  Remind us of your sure love and encourage us to make decisions in our families and communities that are based on loving justice, showing mercy, and walking humbly with you.

In your most holy name we pray.

An so it is …

Rev Trish Hall

Affirmative Prayer

As I gaze in wonder at the breathtaking array of colors on the many trees surrounding me, I feel such gratitude for the
gift of this abundant majesty that is given to us every year before the many gray days of winter. This contrast reminds
me of the wisdom and joy that Spirit sends to us through Nature.
Of course, we are one with all, so what is true in Nature is true in us.
Thus this prayer rises within me:
I know that there is one Creator of all that is and all that is becoming.
I call this One, Spirit, the only Source of everything and everyone.
As we are one with all that is, we can learn so much about ourselves by
seeing and enjoying all that is in what we call Nature.
Today in the midst of the radiant colors of Fall which will be followed
by the days of grayness in Winter, I am reminded that the stillness
and grayness of Winter is as necessary for full life as is the vibrancy of Autumn.
Thus I learn from Spirit as expressed in Nature that I also need times
to be in joyful, beautiful creative expression and times to gather energy
and strength, to be in quiet aloneness, to rest and to contemplate.
And so I am in  deep gratitude for all that I enjoy and learn from Nature
about how to remain in a proper balance of outer expression and
inner rest.
And so I release this Word into the Loving Law where it is already so.
And I say “thank you” and I let go. And so it is.
Sandy Minnesang, RScP