Affirmative Prayer

I am so grateful to see things returning to a more normal state.  I saw children leaving school.  The temperature is returning to a more moderate state. The sun has been out and I am so grateful for this and so I pray.

There is One Power and One Presence. It expresses through All of Life.  It expresses the Sun, Wind, Temperature.  It is expressed as the Trees, Plants, and Flowers.  It expresses in the Soil and the entire planet.  It expresses within, throughout, and about all of Animal and Human Life. We call it God, Allah, the Infinite, the Divine.
Each expression is always the ONE. Each person, each animal, each experience is ALWAYS the ONE. Thus, Life is ever expressing. Life is always expressing regardless of the appearances. Life expresses all Good.
This expression expresses through each of us as Life, Love, Joy, Peace and Abundance. This Good I know through each of us.  It is the truth of our inheritance and expression. It is US!
I give Thanks for this ever  expansive  expression of Life.  I release this to the truth. And so it is.
Frank Mastoris, RScP

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