Affirmative Prayer

As I look out upon this sunlit Spring morning, I am in awe of the seemingly
sudden outbursts of color and new life surrounding me after the long grayness of
Winter. Once again Nature teaches me about the seasons of my life and inspires
the treatment for today:
I know there is only One–one Power, one Presence, one Cause.
And this One I choose to call God or Spirit.
And I know that everything, everywhere, at all times is an expression of this One.
So I know that I am therefore a unique living expression of this One.
And I know that I am therefore One with all that is, with all of Nature; and
that I experience seasons of my life just as everything else in Nature does.
I have seasons of darkness and seasons of light; seasons of stillness and
seasons of bursting growth; times of resting and times of exuberant activity.
All are part of the cycles of Life. And so I know that there are truly no
beginnings or endings–just changes and reshapings of form.
Life itself is everlasting in all of its outpicturings.
And I know that it is all good and all God.
And so I give thanks for this knowing and for all that is, just as it is.
I am in awe of the Wonder of Life in all of its manifestations.
And I simply let it all be. And so it is.
Sandy Minnesang, RScP