Affirmative Prayer

For so long, I believed in a God outside of me. I believed in a jealous God who desired to test me and punish me if I messed up. I listened to well-meaning bible believing men and women who warned me to behave and to follow the “rules.” I was told that I must follow the ten commandments. I never questioned these people and took what they said on faith. Eventually, my quest to lead a spiritual life led me to the truth. The truth is that the Kingdom of God is within, and each one of us is a unique expression of the Divine. Join me in affirmative prayer.

God is all there is, one spirit, one energy, all through all and all. It is the electron and the ant. It is the alpha and the omega. It is the space between the planets and each living thing.

I know that I am one with IT now! God is within, and I know it is all who read these words. God is closer than hands and feet and closer than my breath. God is all we are.

I know and claim that each of us is growing in the consciousness of who and what we are. Every day, we challenge our beliefs and release those that no longer serve us. When I sense a god outside of me, I ask, “where did this belief come from? And does it serve me?” No thoughts are exempt from this scrutiny. When I think, “I’m no good.” I ask, “why, and is this true?” When I think, “I’ll never amount to anything,” I again ask, “why is this true? Why do I believe this?” It’s not true for me, nor is it true for you. We are each unique expressions of the divine, destined to create and allow God to experience Itself. I let go, and let God. I know that all of life is for me and step into the unfoldment of my truth.

I am grateful for the power of affirmative prayer. I’m thankful for knowing the truth and that change is possible.

I release these words to the law, knowing they are already anchored in the Mind of God. And so, it is. Amen

Josh Van Tassel, RScP