Affirmative Prayer

Today I celebrate Life!

With all the distractions in this wonder-filled world of circumstances, today, I am reminded that “that which I focus upon expands in my life.”  “Life” that Dr. Holmes describes in This Thing Called Life (1943):  This is a Universal Wholeness seeking expression through everything.  We are calling it simply Life. . . . Life is infinite energy coupled with the limitless creative imagination.  It is the invisible essence and substance of every visible form.  Its nature is goodness, truth, wisdom and beauty, as well as energy and imagination.

I speak this prayer in the manner I was taught, lo, those many years ago.  I speak it in the first person knowing that I speak as One, on behalf of all readers of my prayer, understanding that its impact is not limited to only the readers.  Its impact shifts the greater consciousness.

This is what I know …

There is only One … One creative source that has sprung forth of Itself into and as all creation – invisible and visible, unmanifest and manifest.  There is only Divine expression.  I am, therefore, an individualized expression of It, imbued with all Its attributes latent in me.  This pure potentiality rests within me awaiting my recognition and use of It.

I dive deeply into limitless imagination recognizing and activating Divine Creativity.  I now call forth the radiant expression of Life’s Nature:  I call forth goodness, truth, wisdom, and beauty.  Any appearance unlike Life’s nature now dissolves in the presence of Its radiance.  The world is awakened to its Divine Nature – to the fulfillment of its pure potentiality.  Life in this awareness experienced as Peace … It is Peace.  Peace now prevails.  Goodness, Truth, Wisdom and Beauty prevail.  In Self-awareness, each individuation now awakens to its true nature.  Each awakens as Spirit expressing as Peace, Goodness, Truth, Wisdom and Beauty.

In Love and Gratitude,

Rev Trish