Affirmative Prayer

We seem to focus a great deal of our attention  (and prayers) on trying to change conditions.
We know that the Truth is that conditions are simply the outpicturing or manifestation of
Cause, which is always our ideas, our words, our beliefs, our actions (individually and
collectively). In other words, we always need to change our consciousness in order to bring
about any change in conditions.
Therefore this is my treatment for today:
I know that there is only One Cause, One Creator, back of all that is and will be.
This One, which we may call God or Spirit or whatever we choose, is Creative
Intelligence. Everything begins in the Mind of God and is brought forth by the Law
of God into form.
Since I am a creation of this One Life of God, I am made of God stuff and have
within me the same Creative Power of Spirit..I am an individualized expression
of Spirit. Therefore I create in the same way: What I believe and know in consciousness
is received into the Law and brought forth into Form,
Thus, if I wish to change a condition, I cannot do so by focusing on that same condition;
by doing that I give it more creative power to manifest.
The only way I can change a condition is to create a new idea, a new belief, a new
knowing. This creative Cause is then received by the Law to create a new Form, a new
I am so thankful for the knowing of this Truth and for the gift of Creative Cause within me.
And so I simply say, “Thank you, God.:”
And so it is
Sandy Minnesang, RScP