Affirmative Prayer

Often I may feel separate and alone, disconnected from all of life. Yet this is not the truth of you or me because there is only God. We are like a rock. We see a rock, and it is there on the ground, not moving. Yet inside the rock are atoms and molecules moving extremely fast. So everything is about perspective. The movement causes the rock to be a “rock.” If someone from afar told the rock that it was moving quickly, it would call them a liar. So, all this movement hasn’t moved anything.

The earth is a molecule in the body of God. From my perspective, I am alone and separate, yet we are all one. There is only God I am expressing as God here and now. And I know the truth of all, that you too are one with an inseparable from God Itself.

I claim and know I am one with all. Separateness is an illusion of perspective, and the world’s consciousness unfolds now to this new understanding. Therefore, I claim world peace, all are satiated, all know dignity, all are treated fairly, and higher thoughts of consciousness and truth prevail.

I am grateful to know affirmative prayer works. So the law is valid, and we live in a “yes” Universe. Our words have power, so do not underestimate your power.

I release these words to the LAW. And so, it is. Amen

Josh VanTassel, RScP