Affirmative Prayer

I fall back on old stories when I am out of alignment with my truth. I’m not enough; no one will ever love me; I’m a loser and a failure. I might as well stop living! I guess I should be a hermit and live in the woods.

During these times, I lean on the truth, and those who know me know my truth for me.

There is only God, not God, and (fill in the blank). There is one power, one source. It is all love, all joy, all hope, all intelligence. It is the alpha and the omega. This knowing is in my soul, my very being. I am one with IT now and forever. I always exist, living untold lives. This is true of all, and I speak the truth on behalf of all.

I release myself from the bondage of untruth. I remove the ego’s lies and step into alignment with my truth. The truth is that all of life is for me. The truth is that God is not against God. I release the lie that God is a punishing, angry, jealous God desiring to throw me into the smoldering pit of hell. I possess all skill, strength, power, love, and desire and am living and celebrating this thing called LIFE now! I claim and know that I am guided and protected by all forms of spirit, be it angels, guides, mystics, or teachers. I step into my authentic truth, into my greatness, and allow myself to express as the divine being that I am. I get to be uniquely me and no one else. I celebrate myself and speak up for what I desire.

I am joyously grateful to know the truth, to know the law. That what I focus upon expands in my experience.

I release these words to the law. The law always says, “yes.” And so, it is. Amen

Josh Van Tassel, RScP