Affirmative Prayer

As I sit here at home quarantined by Covid, I contemplate this quote from Ernest Holmes’ Thoughts Are Things,p. 65:
“Your body is a temple of the living spirit. It is a spiritual substance. Since the Spirit of God has entered your body,
your life is spiritual. The Supreme Being, ever present, exists at the very center of your thought. This presence
within you has the power to make all things new.”
And so I now speak my Word:
I know that God is Wholeness, Life, Energy and Love,
And I know that I am an individualized expression of this One Life of God.
Therefore I know that I am Wholeness, Life, Energy and Love.
My body is a spiritual temple created out of the Perfections of God’s Creativity.
Therefore I know that my thoughts are only of Wholeness, Life , Energy and Love.
With every breath I inhale thoughts of  Wholeness, Life , Energy and Love.
With every exhale I release any thoughts of tension, dis-ease, or lack,
With every breath I feel Life and Energy coursing through my body, bringing
only Wholeness and Energy.  I feel alive, whole, healthy, and filled with energy.
I am made of God’s Perfection, so there is no healing to be done–only
its presence to be embraced,
I am very grateful for being able to speak my Word, knowing
that it always released into the Law and Love of Spirit that only says “yes.”
And so it is.
Sandy Minnesang, RScP