Affirmative Prayer

I know that everything that is and everything that will be
is created by the One Life of Spirit.
And as I gaze out at the abundance of color and beauty
in the flowers, shrubs, and trees on this lovely Spring day,
I am awed by the variety and endless creativity I see.
And I ask for guidance to see all of humanity as I see
the endless creativity in Nature. May I view each face,
each individualized human being in the same way that
I view the beautiful variety in Nature. May I remember
always that We are all One with our own individualized
attributes, talents, beauty. Let me be in awe of my
brothers and sisters of every form in the same way
that I am in awe of the infinite variety in Nature.
For, indeed, we are all–Man, Animal, flora–all of
us part of the infinite tapestry of Life created by
Spirit. And so I am thankful for all that I see, all
that I experience, all that is and all that is to be.
And so I say simply, Thank you, God, and
release my Word and let it be.
And so it is.
Sandy Minnesang, RScP