Science of Mind Philosophy

Ernest HolmesAt Center for Spiritual Living Metro, our philosophy is drawn from ancient and contemporary wisdom. Writer and lecturer Dr. Ernest Holmes, who studied world religious traditions and spiritual paths, founded CSL in the early 20th century.Dr. Holmes synthesized what he gathered from his studies into what is known as The Science of Mind. CSL Metro conveys the teachings expressed in Dr. Holmes’ writing, as well as others that align with those teachings.

According to Ernest Holmes, “The Science of Mind is the study of Life and the nature of the laws of thought; the conception that we live in a spiritual Universe; that God is in, through, around, and for us.” Dr. Holmes also declared, “Ours is a simple faith,” with a very practical approach to life and how we look at ourselves and fit into our world.

He developed a universal philosophy and approach to spiritual living that profoundly resonates to this day:

  • There is one power and presence in the world, which we call God.
  • God is all there is, so we are by nature a part of God, filled with and surrounded by God.
  • As we become conscious of this truth, we grow in awareness and awaken to our ability.
  • There are spiritual laws that govern the universe that are there for us to use to influence our lives for good as improved health, finances, relationship, or simply happiness.
  • We receive and experience this good to the extent that we are receptive, and we teach ways to expand that receptivity.